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Phases of Service

Intern: Newly enrolled member in the School for teaching job is considered an Intern.
Phases of Internship: Initially the Intern is inducted on the following short term contract:
 Observation Period (The Phase of Conventional Teaching in First Semester)
 Internship Period (Second Semester)
 On satisfactory performance in teaching work during the Observation Period, further assignment is allocated to the Intern for the Second Semester.
 Likewise, on showing effectively improved performance in teaching work during the Internship Period, the Intern may eventually be offered further contract.
 In case the performance of an Intern is appraised unsatisfactory, either she is laid off or the Internship Period may be extended for another semester.
 However, the specified conditions of internship will not be applied to the event
force majeure circumstances
• evading the cardinal responsibility – teaching work
• deviating from the School rules/duties
• misconduct or any gross disciplinary ground
• giving corporal punishment to students
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